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Exercise In The Door Frame With Door Bars And Wall Bars

Do you have a small apartment and it bothers you when the fitness equipment is always in the way? Then sport in the door frame is the ideal training opportunity for you. Sports equipment such as door bars and wall bars for the door frame are easy to install because you simply clamp them in place. If you still […]

The Faqs Of Compression Clothing

In the past, compression clothing was only known from hospital support stockings but for some years now, many sportswear manufacturers have also been producing compression clothing. The principle is the same: external pressure increases the blood supply. Initially started as a trend but today the positive effect of compression clothing can even be scientifically proven. Not only do […]

Sports Injuries

Sport is healthy, strengthens and releases happiness hormones. That is undisputed. However, anyone who does sport regularly is always exposed to a certain risk. Because from time-to-time sports injuries can occur during training. The Most Common Injuries in Sports  The most common sports injuries include: Abrasions and lacerations Joint injuries Concussions bruise Muscle strain (as […]

Safety When Horseback Riding

Horseback riding through the terrain and experiencing nature is one of the most beautiful aspects of riding. In contrast to cycling, for example, the horse factor harbors an additional risk. Horses can startle, trip, step into a hole, or jump to the side. Even the most stable rider can involuntarily separate from the horse in such […]

The Best Gymnastics Rings Exercises For Outdoor Fitness Training

Training on the gymnastics rings is so effective because it challenges the whole body and every single one of your muscles, if you combine the right exercises. Today we are going to show you the most popular gymnastics rings exercises for outdoor fitness. What do you train with gymnastic rings? Hanging, supporting, pulling up: with gymnastic rings, […]

What Criteria Should You Use To Buy New Handball Shoes?

Every handball player knows that this indoor sport is characterized by extreme speed and dynamism. For this reason, special indoor handball shoes for women, men, and of course for children are designed by selected sporting goods manufacturers. Handball shoes should generally be light, flexible, and hard-wearing and the breathable material should ensure comfort and a […]

Is It A Good Idea To Do Sports In Cold Temperatures?

The cold temperatures in winter are a reason for many to forego sport. In addition to listlessness and bad weather, many people are also afraid of catching a cold, especially under the circumstances of the coronavirus. It is difficult to overcome yourself for outdoor sports in such conditions. In this blog post, we explain the […]