5 Trendy Water Sports

5 Trendy Water Sports

Water sport is an umbrella term for all sports that take place in or on bodies of water, i.e. on lakes, rivers, streams, and on the sea. Water and sport can be combined very well. Whether paddling, rowing, sailing, water skiing, or surfing – there is a wide range of options to let off steam with the element of water. Especially since the classic sports swimming and diving, but also modern variants of water sports such as SUP, aqua walking, and water-skiing are suitable for working out in or on the water. All age groups feel comfortable in the water because it can be gentle on the bones, joints, and the entire organism. We introduce you to the most popular water sports and what they can do for your health.

STAND UP PADDLING: For a walk on the water

Stand-up paddling is very popular because when you slowly glide over the sea you can discover the coastal landscapes from a new perspective. If paddling standing up is too shaky for you, you will find happiness on the paddle stepper: a surfboard equipped with a pedal and handlebar for perfect balance. The paddle stepper is not only very easy to use, but the handlebar is also adjustable and therefore suitable for children. An ideal sport to tone your legs while admiring the landscape.


As the middle thing between surfboard and kayak, wave skiing is a sport that is becoming more and more popular as a way of familiarizing yourself with sliding sports on the water. Playful and practicable by everyone, Wave-Ski gives you the feeling of gliding and of being one with the sea. Sitting on a thick surfboard and equipped with a paddle, a safety belt, and a foot holder ensure the correct position and rapid progress. All you have to do is wait for the next wave.

Training with kicking a punching bag

THE TRIMARAN PEDAL BOAT: When sailing becomes child’s play

Do you feel like sailing without really knowing how to do it? Then take a seat aboard a trimaran pedal boat to set off to sea. Donning is done with the help of a pedal and a sophisticated system inspired by the driving force of seals and sea lions. The very stable boat was developed to be able to sail along the coasts without wind. With a trimaran pedal boat, you can easily familiarize yourself with the oars and sailing, before you might one day feel like sailing out to sea.

WATER-SKIING: With the kneeboard and lift

Like wakeboarding – just on your knees and pulled by a lift – this is knee boarding and thus the perfect entry-level variant for advanced water ski and wakeboard experiments. This environmentally friendly, quiet water sport can be tried out in the middle of a green environment on several lakes. It is practiced kneeling on a foam board and offers a unique water sport experience.

AQUA-WALKING: Fitness in the sea

With exercises for everyone, you can enjoy the fresh sea air and the beneficial effects of seawater while aqua-walking. This dynamic water aerobics variant is practiced in a wetsuit under the guidance of a trainer in the water in front of the long, fine sandy beaches. By deeply breathing in the iodine-containing air, you strengthen your stamina and muscles in a gentle way in a natural, relaxing environment that offers a wonderful change of scenery.