8 Trend Sports Which You Should Definitely Try Out

8 Trend Sports Which You Should Definitely Try Out

Trend sports combine old sports in new ways or offer innovative ways to get moving. In contrast to traditional sports, there are still no organizations that have tied down a set of rules or organize competitions. The more people start a sport trend, the more likely they are to form small groups with their subculture. However, the term trend sport is not clearly defined. That is why the word is often used for sports that have already established themselves and are currently particularly popular. in this blog post, we have put together a list of the trend sports for 2021 that contains both: on the one hand, crazy new creations that are hardly known. On the other hand, not so new sports that are finding more and more fans and are therefore trendy.

Bubble football – football meets rugby

Kick, bolt, blow! Anything is allowed to get the ball here. Enveloped in huge air balls, it goes to the football field. When Bubble football a challenge to simulate is impossible, because to tackling each other is good form. The players fly with the ball as they fight for a goal and this requires fitness. During this training the beads of sweat flow in streams and the laughter muscle mater is preprogrammed. Simply catapult your opponent into the other half of the field with a lot of run-ups. 

Arrow tag – paintball with a bow and arrow

Equipped with a bow and arrow, the arrow tag is about catching as many opponents as possible. You chase each other with padded arrows and fight for the archer’s podium. Hide behind fancy cover and try to catch your opponents. In this sport you hit the bull’s eye with a mix of tactics, thrills and excitement.

Stand Up Paddling – balancing act on the water

Probably the most popular trend sport in 2021 is Stand Up Paddling. Your muscle strength and a large portion of balance are required on the SUP board. Here you can show what you’re made of and that you don’t need wind or waves to rule the water.

SIM Racing – innovative car racing

In this trend sport, the strong emotion flows through your veins like the gasoline through the engines. Sim Racing, short for Simulator Racing, has become an absolute virtual trend sport with turbo speed.


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Indoor surfing – conquer the waves in wind and weather

Here you ride the trend wave! No matter what the weather forecast says, with indoor surfing you can be on the board all year round. Pure vacation feeling without a long trip to any island. In exotic temperatures, you can adjust the wave height and speed to your abilities which is deal for all surfing beginners or experienced surfers. With this trend sport you don’t have to wait forever for the perfect wave. Here the waves come to you.

Airboarding – the rush of speed on the ski slope

You already know how to shoot with boards over the icy slope? Then it’s time to lie on your stomach and rush over the snow at full throttle on the air board – a huge air cushion. The perfect sport trend for old skiers and newcomers to the slopes. With this combination of tobogganing and banana boat in the snow, you fly over the slopes. An airbag and the air cushion protect against hard impacts.

E-mountain bike – cycling at your level

This sport has taken the world by storm. With an e-bike you can adapt every bike tour to your fitness level. You still have to pedal, but you can master steeper and longer stretches with the e-mountain bike. It’s really fun and you can go on e-mountain bike tours with all of your buddies, although not everyone is equally fit

HIIT – exhausting yourself at the limit

HIIT, short for High Intensity Interval Training, pushes you to the limit. The idea of ​​this trend sport comes from high-performance sport and is therefore very demanding. But also, very effective. You will quickly experience success in your fitness and fat burning. The principle is to go to your limit several times in a row for a short time. You exhaust yourself and take a short break between the intensive intervals.

Now you’ve got to know a long list of examples of new and trendy sports. Maybe you feel like working out doing HIIT yoga, Airboarding or E-mountain biking mindfully. If the right sport wasn’t there yet, that’s not so bad. Because it doesn’t have to be a trend sport that makes you fit and flexible. Perhaps a tried and tested sport is right for you after all.