All About Push Up Handles: Types, Benefits, And More

The push-up is probably the most effective self-weight exercise in strength training. For all those who have problems with their wrists during push-up exercises, we recommend incorporating the best push-up handles into their training. Because the optimized position of the wrists relieves the strain on your tendons and ligaments. In this blog post, we will show you the benefits of push-up handlesare, their types, and which exercises you can do with them. 

Benefits of push-up handles:

  • Push-ups can quickly become uncomfortable if they are performed on the floor or a fitness mat. The great pressure on the wrists can easily cause pain during this classic training session and thus impair the training. With the appropriate push-up grips, the wrists are always straight during training, and the load is less than during normal training. The raised hand position is easy on the joints and therefore there is no pain.
  • Push-up handles have other advantages as well. You increase the intensity of the training because the increase enables deeper movements. This makes it possible to train even more muscle groups. This turns it into an efficient full-body exercise. The variety is even greater if the position of the push-up bars varies during training or if the push-up handles are rotatable. By using the push-up handles, the abdominal area, in particular, is trained more than with normal push-ups on the floor.
  • Push-up handles, both the rigid and the rotatable handles, prevent pain in the wrist, but on the other hand, do not make training easier. It is also important to do the classic workout perfectly with push-up grips, i.e., keep your body straight and your upper arms parallel to the floor. Thus, training with the best push-up handles also supports successful muscle building.

Types of push-up handles

There are two types of push-up handles: rigid push-up handles and rotating push-up handles. 

Rigid handles for push-ups

Rigid push-up handles are stable handles that are usually made of bent metal and have a non-slip surface. These handles are equipped with a sturdy and non-slip cover, which ideally also absorbs sweat. The push-up handle is rigid and can only be moved or rotated by lifting it. This stable form of push-up grips is particularly recommended for beginners.

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Rotatable push-up handles

Training with a rotating push-up bar is harder than training with rigid push-up bars. They are suitable for advanced athletes with some experience. The exercises are more difficult, but take much more strain off the wrists. The reason for this is that the exercises can be individually adjusted by rotating the up and down movements so that the wrist can always stay in the optimal position. Rotating push-up handles make a rotary movement possible, which enables more intensive strain on the muscles and thus a stronger muscle build-up.


If you plan to escalate your weight training later and even train in the area of ​​calisthenics, so-called paralletteswill later be far more practical than simple push-up grips. The small-format gymnastics bars offer far more freedom of movement and stability. A distinction is made here between low and high parallettes. The higher the parallettes, the more play you have and the easier the gymnastics are later on.

Exercises with push-up handles:

Push-up exercise for beginners

Place the push-up handles about shoulder-width apart. Position your shoulders over your wrists. Keep your wrists straight and stable. Now go deep into the push-up with full-body tension and push yourself up again with full-body tension. Keep your elbows close to your body. 5 to 8 sets of 5-10 repetitions with a 60-second break in between.

Advanced push-ups

For advanced users, it is advisable to choose higher and larger push-up handles. Because with it you can go down a lot deeper and use your muscles even more. Pay attention to a neutral grip here too. Choose a different grip position for even more intensive training. Place the handles in front of you at a 45-degree angle. Do controlled pushups: 3 seconds down, and 3 seconds up again! That is much more intense!