If the training is to be done at home or in the gym, sooner or later the question arises whether a dumbbell or a barbell is more effective. Both variants have always been used to build up muscles. But which dumbbell type is the better? In the following guide, you can see dumbbell vs barbell bench press weight comparison and what advantages and disadvantages each type has.

Focus on the dumbbell

When you buy a dumbbell, you usually get two bars that are particularly short. The weights are then screwed onto them but there are often dumbbells where the weight is firmly anchored. These are often offered as gymnastic dumbbells in the shop and usually have lower weights and lower prices. The dumbbells can be recognized by their bright colors.

Compared to barbells, dumbbells are suitable for many exercises. They can be used universally if the user puts on the right weight. The basic rule for dumbbells that more and with low weight started should be. Even if the weight seems too small at the beginning, you should always start with a low weight.

First and foremost, the movements should be carried out very cleanly. If they are too heavy, many people tend to move incorrectly. As result, the muscles are stressed too much and bad posture can arise.

With dumbbells, there is also the point that exercises must be coordinated. The coordination skills are used here more than would be the case with the barbell.

The barbell in detail

With the barbell, you get a long bar on which you can put the weights. Basically, a barbell uses more weight than a dumbbell. The professional in particular likes to use the barbell, as more stimuli can be used. But barbells are ideal for beginners.

While many coordinative mistakes can be made with the dumbbell, the barbell can only be grasped and guided in a few ways. Misalignments are less likely than with the dumbbell. In addition, the dumbbell is always gripped with both hands, which in turn allows more weight to be carried and more repetitions to be done.

When exercising, however, always make sure that you do not lift off your back when you are heavy. Get on your knees and then lift the weights. This is how you prevent severe back pain.

Another advantage of the barbell is that you can also use it to train your stomach. The oblique abdominal muscles in particular are ideal for performing front squats with weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of dumbbells


  • different weights can be used
  • suitable for different muscle groups
  • large selection


  • Beginners can train incorrectly with dumbbells

Which workout is the best?

In principle, no direct answer can be given about dumbbell vs barbell bench press weight comparison. Beginners should start with barbells first in order to learn the postures. If the muscles have been strengthened slightly, the dumbbell can be used to define. It always depends on the right weight and the right exercise.

If you only do the same exercises with the same weight, you will quickly get into a spiral in which no more success can be recorded. However, if you challenge your own body and keep trying new exercises, you will quickly reach your desired goal.

When doing the exercises, however, always make sure that you are performing the exercises in a stable manner. Avoid vibrations and try to keep your arms and legs still. Do exercises slowly so that the muscles are more stressed.


Ultimately, however, it always comes down to personal wishes and decisions. If you feel more confident with a dumbbell, you should stick to a dumbbell with appropriate weights. A barbell is easier to use, but it can also be heavier. The best type of exercise is when both types of dumbbells are combined. So, you can set new stimuli and have a workout that stresses all muscle groups equally.