Best CrossFit Wrist Wraps: Everything You Need to Know

Best CrossFit wrist wraps

What are wrist wraps?

Wrist wraps are wraps that exclusively support the wrist and its structures. They are wrapped around the wrist in a few simple steps and fixed with a Velcro fastener. So that the wraps do not slip, they are also equipped with a thumb loop. This thing guarantees a tighter fit during sport or a lot of movement in everyday life. It has a support function on the thumb joint. In this blog post, we will get to know why the best CrossFit wrist wraps are essential for you and what things to consider when buying the wrist wraps.

Why wrist wraps are useful in fitness?

Many athletes put a strain on their wrists. Not only in weight training and bodybuilding – ball athletes, especially tennis players and handball players, also suffer from wrist problems. These problems, if left untreated, can quickly become chronic. Wrist problems are often accompanied by restricted mobility and pain, which can make training a pain.

Protect your wrists:
Pushing and pulling movements, the bench press dips, or lat pulldown exercises that are typical in fitness and strength training, for example, which acts on the wrist, can put a lot of strain on the joint. Not only the muscles but also the tendons and ligaments, which are overstretched and overloaded by the influence of extreme loads.
If you wear wrist wraps regularly, you can protect your wrists from excessive or improper strain. By wrapping the wraps tightly around the wrists, they provide a better grip. They cushion every impact on the wrist. They can also protect it from accidentally kinking and overstretching.

Wrist wraps – only for fitness athletes?

Due to the support function, wrist wraps are not only suitable for fitness and bodybuilding, but above all for all athletes who put a lot of strain on their wrists. These include:

  • Weightlifter
  • Powerlifters
  • Bodybuilder
  • Handball player
  • Tennis player
  • Basketball player etc.

Many of these athletes’ wear wrist wraps prophylactically to prevent sports injuries.

What other advantages do wrist wraps have in strength training?

Wrist wraps have a great advantage in that they not only support the wrist but also relieve the forearm. Athletes suffering from chronic joint ailments that affect not only the wrist, but the elbow joint as well can benefit from a wrist brace. Since the wraps exert a compression effect on the wrist, the joint is optimally supported while still maintaining mobility.

Due to their warming effect, they can relieve pain and contribute to the healing process. For this reason, they are used not only preventively, but also therapeutically in weight training and in various other sports.

What material are wrist wraps made of?

Best Crossfit wrist wraps are often made of Neoprene or cotton. These hard-wearing materials are extremely stable and extremely comfortable to wear. In contrast to cotton, neoprene is very light and breathable. In addition, wrist wraps can score with a high level of elasticity and a tight fit without constricting the wrist.
Due to their easy handling, you can wrap the wrist wraps around the wrist in seconds and released just as quickly to influence the training and the break times as little as possible. A Velcro fastener makes the opening and closing of the wraps easier.

Which wrist wraps should you buy?

Finding the right pair of wraps is no easy task as there are many brands and types of wraps available in the market. To help you choose better, we have established a list of criteria allowing you to make a smart purchase that will meet all your expectations.

Palm reinforcement:
This is a very important feature because it is the main support that weight training wraps provide during exercise. This reinforcement allows preserving hands, to avoid injuries as well as the creation of horns in the palms. This is one of the first criteria to observe when trying on a wrist wrap: hand protection.

The prehension:
The grip is an essential factor when choosing the best pair of weight training wrist wraps. If your grip is weak and makes your hand unable to properly squeeze the bars, you lose training quality, comfort and performance.

This is the most important thing: when choosing strength cuffs, make sure they are long enough to wrap properly around your wrists. Many brands opt for one size, hence the advantage of being sure that the length is sufficient.

The quality:
Quality always counts no matter what purchase you want to make, and this also applies to bodybuilding accessories. A poor-quality wrap will experience premature wear. The higher the quality of the product, the longer it will last over time, resisting your most intense workouts. Some strength training wraps even offer additional options such as the incorporated straps, which help enormously on the pulling movements (back).

Another important criterion because without comfort corresponding to your hands, you will have a very unpleasant feeling of discomfort which will negatively impact your sports sessions by distracting you. If wearing wraps is an unpleasant experience, you won’t use them often and therefore there would be no profit from that purchase. Wraps should be comfortable to wear, especially when performing heavy lifting movements.

Value for money:

Many decide on their purchase by this single criterion: how much does it cost? However, be sure to consider the above. A very inexpensive purchase will not give you satisfaction, even if that is your only requirement.

Wrist problems are not uncommon. It is mainly athletes who struggle with tendinitis, strains, or sprains. Wrist wraps can be a valuable help in hobby and professional sports to support the wrist, relieve pressure on muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and prevent injuries. Wrist wraps may be small accessories that are fairly simple in their design, but they still have to meet several criteria to provide good protection!