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Best CrossFit Wrist Wraps: Everything You Need to Know

Best CrossFit wrist wraps What are wrist wraps? Wrist wraps are wraps that exclusively support the wrist and its structures. They are wrapped around the wrist in a few simple steps and fixed with a Velcro fastener. So that the wraps do not slip, they are also equipped with a thumb loop. This thing guarantees […]

Top 5 Push-up variants: Variety & progression in the push-ups

push-up variants Push-ups are among the most popular bodyweight exercises at all. They are easy to perform yet highly efficient at building strength and muscle. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to the five top push-up variants. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, with these exercises, you […]

How to become a personal trainer for seniors?

How to become a personal trainer for seniors? Fitness is important for people of all ages. Studies show that even previously untrained people can double their muscle strength in a year through sport and exercise – even at 60. A comparison with younger people shows how this pays off: trained 60-year-olds have the same fitness […]

Strength Workout for Women | Hypertrophy Training

Strength Workout for Women | Hypertrophy Training

Strength Workout – Hypertrophy Training Is lifting weights a man’s job? By no means! Women also benefit from well-formed muscles. This blog post will tell you what you should watch out for in a strength workout and how do you avoid “classic female” training errors? Moreover, women often shy away from weight training for fear of gaining […]

The Complete Strength Building Workout Guide

The Complete Strength Building Workout Guide

Strength building workout – Fitness Studio Strength training strengthens the muscles, which in turn relieves the bones and joints thus reducing the risk of injuries and falls. Targeted strength training to build muscle also promotes energy expenditure, because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Though, the prerequisite for an effective strength […]

What is a hammer strength chest press?

hammer strength chest press

Good news: the Hammer Strength chest press that you heard whispered in the gym doesn’t actually have a hammer. Not even a little hammer.Do not worry; There is no actual hammering involved. However, it is an exercise machine because a Hammer Strength Press is a chest press that is performed on a strength machine, the Hammer Strength. You […]

Training with kicking a punching bag

Hitting a punching bag is a workout with secondary benefits. Not only does it benefit your legs, your abdominal, oblique, and lumbar muscles are also significantly activated by the dynamic nature of the blows. If you include a heavy sack in the equation, the stress level increases with the high-speed contact. The result is an […]