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Strength Workout for Women | Hypertrophy Training

Strength Workout for Women | Hypertrophy Training

Strength Workout – Hypertrophy Training Is lifting weights a man’s job? By no means! Women also benefit from well-formed muscles. This blog post will tell you what you should watch out for in a strength workout and how do you avoid “classic female” training errors? Moreover, women often shy away from weight training for fear of gaining […]

The Complete Strength Building Workout Guide

The Complete Strength Building Workout Guide

Strength building workout – Fitness Studio Strength training strengthens the muscles, which in turn relieves the bones and joints thus reducing the risk of injuries and falls. Targeted strength training to build muscle also promotes energy expenditure, because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Though, the prerequisite for an effective strength […]


Softballs Ball games are not only great fun for children, but they also promote motor skills and responsiveness. And they motivate children to move like no other game. This is very important, especially in today’s sedentary world, softballs are therefore essential for a happy, healthy daycare and school life.  No matter what the weather is […]

What is a hammer strength chest press?

hammer strength chest press

Good news: the Hammer Strength chest press that you heard whispered in the gym doesn’t actually have a hammer. Not even a little hammer.Do not worry; There is no actual hammering involved. However, it is an exercise machine because a Hammer Strength Press is a chest press that is performed on a strength machine, the Hammer Strength. You […]

Training with kicking a punching bag

Hitting a punching bag is a workout with secondary benefits. Not only does it benefit your legs, your abdominal, oblique, and lumbar muscles are also significantly activated by the dynamic nature of the blows. If you include a heavy sack in the equation, the stress level increases with the high-speed contact. The result is an […]

Fitness Resolutions for New Year

Fitness Resolutions Everything will be better next year! So that this is the case, we all make fitness resolutions that should be implemented after New Year’s Eve. To ensure that the step from the idea to implementation is successful, a few principles must already be taken into account when writing the goals: Set realistic goals Define […]


If the training is to be done at home or in the gym, sooner or later the question arises whether a dumbbell or a barbell is more effective. Both variants have always been used to build up muscles. But which dumbbell type is the better? In the following guide, you can see dumbbell vs barbell bench press weight […]

6 Tips For Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Every year after Christmas, the ads on sales platforms increase many times over. There is a very specific reason for this: people want to get rid of their Christmas presents. The list of unpopular Christmas gifts is long and it is not that easy to find the right one. That’s why we’ve collected 5 tips for meaningful Christmastime gifts […]