Exercise In The Door Frame With Door Bars And Wall Bars

Do you have a small apartment and it bothers you when the fitness equipment is always in the way? Then sport in the door frame is the ideal training opportunity for you. Sports equipment such as door bars and wall bars for the door frame are easy to install because you simply clamp them in place. If you still need ideas about what you can train with such a door bar, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we show you effective exercises for sport in the door frame.

Chin-up – the classic

For the classic pull-up, you don’t need more than a bar. Grasp the bar so that your palms are facing you and you can see your thumb. 
Tip: Place your hands a little wider than shoulder width. The further apart your hands are on the bar, the further the focus shifts to the back muscles. Now you pull yourself and your body up until your chin is level with the bar and then lower yourself down again. Keep your legs straight or bend them. Do as many exercises as you can. Beginners shouldn’t do more than 3 units a week at the beginning. 

Tight pull-up

This exercise is similar to the classic. You reach for the bar so that your palms are facing you. Keep your hands close together as you do this. The closer your hands are together, the more you train your biceps, chest and tree muscles. Now slowly lower yourself back down and repeat this as often as possible. Beginners shouldn’t do more than 3 units a week at the beginning.

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Crunches with the door bar

For the popular abdominal exercise crunches you put multifunctional door bars and door walls on the floor and press it against the door frame from one side. A piece of the door bar is now left and right and is stuck on the other side of the door frame. You lie on the other side on the floor, fix your feet under the door bar and bend your legs. Now lift your upper body until your shoulder blades no longer touch the floor. Keep your back as straight as possible. Stay up for a few seconds and then slowly go back down. Repeat this 15 times, take a 5 minute break and then do 2 more units. 

Pull-up with the power band

You also need a power band for this exercise. The tape is thrown over the pull-up bar and the other end is put through the thrown-over loop and lashed. Now you step into the loop below with one foot and hang on the pull-up bar. You should now notice the resistance. If you pull yourself up now, you will notice that you have to do more and more yourself. That is also the goal. The power band supports something here. Goes up and down 15 times. After a short break, repeat this 2 more times.

Push-ups with the door bar

You put the multifunctional door bar on the floor. Here you can also vary the handles and train a different area of ​​your muscles depending on the position. Classically, you grab the second padding from the outside and diligently do your push-ups. Do 15 repetitions. Take a short break and then grab the padding in the middle and repeat your 15 push-ups again. Or you can grab the 2 arches and do your push-ups here. There are no limits to you here.