How to become a personal trainer for seniors?

How to become a personal trainer for seniors?

Fitness is important for people of all ages. Studies show that even previously untrained people can double their muscle strength in a year through sport and exercise – even at 60. A comparison with younger people shows how this pays off: trained 60-year-olds have the same fitness level as 30-year-olds, who do not do sports.

Exercising in old age keeps you healthy and fit. But contrary to popular belief, this applies not only to young people and adults but also to senior citizens, even at an advanced age. Even people aged 70 or 80 can significantly improve their strength and endurance through moderate training. As a fitness trainer when you get the senior fitness certification, you can offer special senior training and thus support your customers in all life situations. The best training is a combination of several disciplines: firstly, endurance training that is easy on the joints, such as cycling or Nordic walking, and secondly, an approximately ten-minute exercise program on three to five days a week. In addition, it helps to consistently integrate exercise into everyday life – for example, with walks and climbing stairs.

Sport as an important factor for the health and wellbeing of seniors

Those who keep themselves physically fit benefit from a significant health improvement. Frequent long periods of sitting are stressful for the body and lead to the muscles breaking down. However, stamina, strengthening the muscles and your well-being are factors that are important at any age. To prevent health problems, targeted training and regular exercise are therefore also very useful for older people. Exercise cannot stop aging, but it can help to postpone it. Those who do sport regularly increase their physical well-being and health.

Every fitness training can be individually adapted to the skills and physical possibilities of the target group. As a fitness trainer, you will learn how to respond to the individual target groups during your training. You will learn which exercises are suitable for which age group and which points you need to pay particular attention to. It also include special forms of training for seniors.

The trainer license as an introduction to a successful career as a personal trainer

The cost of the senior fitness certification pays off particularly quickly if you develop your offers. During your training, you will get to know different exercises and put together a program on your own. Take advantage of cycling in summer or rent a hall for training in winter. They guide seniors on how to maintain their health through daily exercise. The independent implementation of small exercise units in the morning or the evening is the ideal complement to joint training. Even 5 to 10 minutes of independent training a day is sufficient to support the sports program with the personal trainer.

During your training, you will learn how often you should exercise and how to set up the training plan. Health-related issues and proper nutrition are important points that have also been incorporated into the curriculum. A healthy diet should complement physical training. Special fitness courses for seniors make a significant contribution to their health. With a trainer’s license, you can, for example, offer light conditioning training and gymnastics exercises for groups.

Group lessons or individual lessons?

As a trainer, you decide for yourself whether you want to offer individual or group lessons. Group lessons often provide more joy and motivation in the individual exercises, and partner exercises can also be carried out in a group. Training in a group is often more appealing, especially for seniors. In contrast to targeted strength training, the fitness program for seniors focuses on lighter sporting activities that can be practiced together.

As a fitness trainer, you can, for example, organize Nordic walking, hiking, cycling, or slow jogging for a group. Or you offer gymnastics courses outdoors or in a hall. Your customers can make new contacts at the same time or train with friends and relatives. As an independent personal trainer with a trainer’s license, you can of course also offer individual training for seniors who want to focus on specific problem areas.

Group and individual tuition costs

For the pricing of groups, it is advisable to graduate according to the group size, so that you can adapt the costs to your effort and the possibilities of maximizing income. Many fitness studios have also recognized the trend and have specialized in an older target group. Whether you want a permanent position or an hourly job, fitness studios offer numerous employment opportunities. In individual training, you adapt the training plan to the set goals of your customer and respond to his or her wishes. For this service, you calculate an hourly wage of 60 to 120 euros. 

What points do I have to pay attention to as a personal trainer in senior training?

If you offer senior training, you must pay special attention to the health of your customers. Only people who have the physical requirements are allowed to take part in the lessons. The build-up of fitness must take place slowly and adapt to the individual possibilities. Make sure that your customers have a doctor do a check-up beforehand.

This eliminates all risks. Basically, of course, nothing stands in the way of physical activity. The training plan helps the individual physical performance to rule out overload. Nordic walking is one of many forms of movement that are available to you for the training of senior citizens. If the seniors already go for walks regularly, this performance can be expanded and increased. You show your customers which movement sequences characterize the sport and accompany them on the excursions. You can carry out gymnastics exercises with aids such as balls.

There are numerous exercises available so that you can create a varied training program. You will be happy and amazed at the physical improvements a fitness trainer can achieve and how clients feel fitter and happier in no time. However, always keep in touch with customers to identify problems in good time.