How To Choose Your Right Skis?

Buying new skis is a big investment and, since skiing time is extremely valuable, it is essential that you choose the right skis to make the most of your passion. Here are all the factors to consider when purchasing a new set of boards.

How much ski do you want?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you will stick with a pair of skis or want to have a plethora of choices available to you depending on the conditions and your intentions. While choosing their skis, some people like to have the choice of adapting to the conditions of the day, the ski resort, and the use for which they are intended. But others might be happy with just one pair of skis if they know they will only ski on the slopes. As you get more involved in the sport, you will explore more and more mountains and face increasingly variable conditions on different terrains. Skis can make a real difference in your performance. 

Choose your skis according to the location of your activity

The next factor to consider when choosing the right skis is where you will be skiing now and in the future. Every ski resort probably lends itself to a certain type of skiing and it is important to consider this option if you are only using one ski. You have to ask yourself the following questions while choosing the right skis: Is the resort mainly groomed or is there a lot of off-piste terrains? How much snow does the resort receive? Is it famous for its large deposits of powder or is it regularly compacted? If the ski resorts where you go skiing are known for their powder snow? 

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Type of driving will you be doing

What kind of skiing do you want to do and what kind of skiing are you going to do? It is not necessarily the same thing. You might want to ski every day with bottomless powder, but in real life that won’t always be the case. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose a 120mm thick ski powder if you only want to have one in your locker. Choosing your skis is the best way to determine what you want to ski realistically.

Goals you want to achieve

Opting for a ski that will help you achieve your goals is the way to go. If you want to master a 360 in the park, you can go for a park ski on the shorter side. But if you are training to become an instructor and want to focus on performance, you can go for a carver ski. To improve in deep snow and surf powder, you should go for a wide all-terrain ski or even a powder ski. Matching your goals to the design of the ski will certainly help narrow down your choice.

Ski length

To choose your skis, it is essential to establish the right length for you. The ideal length will depend on many factors including your height, type of ski, and your skiing style and skill. With approximately 5-10cm increments in ski length, landing at the ideal size may not always be suitable. A compromise may therefore be necessary or considering another brand that could fall closer to the desired length could be another option.