Is It A Good Idea To Do Sports In Cold Temperatures?

The cold temperatures in winter are a reason for many to forego sport. In addition to listlessness and bad weather, many people are also afraid of catching a cold, especially under the circumstances of the coronavirus. It is difficult to overcome yourself for outdoor sports in such conditions. In this blog post, we explain the conditions under which sports in winter can be played and the dangers to be taken into account.

Training in winter: wrap up warm and slowly adjust to the temperatures

You can do sports outdoors when you are warmly dressed. However, the dangers of the cold and pollutants in the air should not be underestimated. In contrast to the heat, the body can prepare for cold temperatures. The right clothing and adequate preparation for outdoor training are crucial. 

How to dress and eat?

Today you will find a lot of equipment that will allow your body to stay warm. Even more, after the sport, cover yourself quickly with dry clothes and quickly enter a heated space. Do not hesitate to invest in gloves, hats, or high socks. Your body will thank you!

In terms of food, we will also have to adapt. Your body will burn many more calories than normal. Prepare some extra fruit for before and after your game. The last tip, stay hydrated all the time. The cold will nullify the feeling of dehydration. Don’t wait until you get home to feel this lack. Drink before, during, and immediately after your sport.

Up to what temperatures can you play outside?

According to the expert, it depends on the fitness and state of health up to which temperatures playing sports in cold weather makes sense. The lower the temperature, the more strenuous the sport is for the body. For older and untrained people, try to avoid playing outside at temperatures below zero. Even experienced athletes should refrain from playing in cold temperatures because even for physically fit athletes, the following applies: At temperatures below minus 20 degrees Celsius, jogging and playing football outside should be over. And if it is colder than minus 15 degrees, wind chill and humidity must be taken into account.

If the air is stagnant, caused by high humidity and fog, pollutants such as dust particles, nitrogen oxides or sulfur can collect on the ground. These can lead to additional stress on the airways. If you are not fit, you should leave the sport outdoors especially asthmatics and people with health problems.

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Strong immune system: toughening up is good for fitness

Sauna, foot baths, or walks in the fresh air toughening up is important for fitness. Sport should be done in the sun during the day if possible. Sports in winter should be avoided when the temperature is too low, the wind is too strong and the humidity is too high but as long as it doesn’t snow excessively or is dangerously slippery, sporting in freezing temperatures can strengthen the body and mind. For example, the immune system can be strengthened and physical well-being can also be increased. 

Lower your risk of catching a cold and raise your mood

Cold viruses have a harder time spreading. Because the cold air while running humidifies the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. In addition, the immune system is stimulated by the movement and the changing temperatures. In winter, due to the cold and gloomy season, many people suffer from winter depression or at least from a low mood. Sports can play an important role in fighting depression. Movement creates positive feelings and a better mood.

Our final opinion: Sport and the cold- A good idea!

So yes, doing sports when it’s cold is a good idea. It can do you good, relax your muscles or even overcome the cold. But take your precautions well, a supervised diet and appropriate clothing will be essential. Also, if you have respiratory, heart, or ENT problems, you had better wait for the temperatures to rise or seek the advice of your doctor.