BareOrganics Energy & Stamina Blend Powder, Organic Superfood, Vegan Dietary Supplement, Beet, Cacao, Maca, Ginger, 8 Oz


  • Peak Performance: The superfoods in our energy blend powder are ingredients often enjoyed by themselves to deliver a boost in energy. Natural sweeteners stevia & coconut sugar have been added to enhance the natural goodness & create a delicious blend.
  • Vegan Dietary Supplement: Our Energy & Stamina Powder is made with plant-based superfoods that support energy & endurance. This power blend of beetroot, cacao, maca, ginger & apple is simple & delicious! Start your day right with our organic cacao powder!
  • Superfood Powder: Adaptogens are an ancient group of plants that are believed to help the body adapt to occasional stress. Maca Root, which is available in our stamina blend powder, has been used for this purpose for thousands of years.
  • Essential Fuel: Superfoods deliver essential fuel for your body with unique micro & macronutrients to keep you energetic. BareOrganics’ Energy & Stamina Blend with ginger root powder makes it easier for the body to recognize and utilize key nutrients.
  • Quantity and Packaging: Each jar weighs 8 ounces. With the health of the planet in mind, we’ve made sure our containers are 100% reusable, recyclable and are also microwave/top shelf dishwasher safe!