Simple fitness equipment for the home

Simple fitness equipment for the home

Simple fitness equipment for the home

Simple fitness tools are often the only chance for an active lifestyle within your own four walls because not everyone has a lot of space to set up their fitness room. Often only a few square meters remain at home or the sports equipment has to be stowed away again after use. Whether it’s the room in the shared apartment, the one-room apartment in the big city, or because you travel a lot – the luxury of having a lot of space for fitness training is not always available but simple and small fitness equipment for the home can help with this problem. They either disappear in the closet, behind the door, under the bed, or are so small that they don’t even bother you. Small equipment is also suitable for changing workout locations because the devices can be easily transported and used on the go.

Advantages of small fitness equipment

  • Easy to store/tidy up
  • Little space needed to keep fit
  • Portable, flexible workout space
  • Usually cheap to buy 
  • Sport possible on vacation or the go 

We see many uses for small and simple fitness equipment to keep fit outside of the studio and fitness room. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to the top 8 small fitness equipment and accessories, for which training they are suitable, and show you the associated exercises so that you can get started right away.


For us, the ultimate little fitness device is the kettlebell. If you don’t have a lot of space for training, want to stow away the equipment quickly and easily, but also have high demands on the workout, there is simply no getting around kettlebells. The leader of our top list allows high-intensity, explosive training focused on both endurance and strength to be performed. With kettlebell training, every muscle group (including the legs) can be effectively trained in both full-body and isolation mode. 

A wide range of applications is only reduced by the fact that each kettlebell naturally only has one weight. Our first place offers: 

  • Very good training device for beginners and professionals alike
  • The largest number of exercises possible with all small fitness equipment
  • Explosive, strength-focused, and endurance training possible
  • Visually appealing, therefore easy to integrate into the apartment
  • Quick start, but a long-term companion in an active lifestyle

Pull-up bar

One of the favorite pieces of equipment for training at home is a pull-up bar. It is the perfect instrument to strengthen and build up the entire back. Furthermore, shoulders and biceps are used, which makes pull-up training a good basis for solid upper body training. Some will rightly complain that they are not able to do a pull-up right from the start. There is a remedy for this with elastic drawstrings that support you in performing the exercise. Alternatively, you only use the eccentric part at the beginning, so hang on to the bar via a chair and let yourself sink as slowly as possible. This also trains the back and thus forms the basis for the first real pull-up.

There are generally two variants of pull-up bars on the market: either with wall or ceiling mounting, these products are more solid, or as door frame mounting. The latter better fits our category of small fitness equipment. There are two types of door pull-up bars: The first type is a bar that you spread in the door frame, while the second type, which is considered safer, is clamped into the door frame. The nice thing about pull-ups is that it is a good “on the side” exercise. A pull-up bar that hangs in a frequently used doorway prompts you to do some sport – you just have to give in. Pull-up bars are also great because they:

  • Offer total upper body workout
  • Allow gradual increase from beginner (by lowering or being supported by drawstrings) to professional (with weights)
  • Convey a feeling of strength through the independent, complete movement of one body weight
  • Represent every accident-free fitness equipment
  • Provide easy access, good “on the side” exercise

Modular dumbbell

Finally, a dumbbell appears on the list! Most readers will have waited for this, as dumbbells are the symbol of fitness training. However, conventional dumbbells do not make it to 3rd place on our list – you need too many of them due to their fixed weight. As a solution, there are modular dumbbells, the weight of which can be adjusted using a screw or clamp lock. The disadvantage? Lots of individual parts, fasteners, bars, weight plates flying around. All of this takes up space and is simply awkward to handle, especially with higher weights. 

Therefore, we would like to present a premium version here, which as a system dumbbell combines a whole range of weights within one device. With very simple operation and a tidy click system, the user has half a fitness studio in an area the size of a tool case – exactly the right thing for space-conscious exercisers. Both ergonomics and longevity of this product justify the price, because this small fitness device is just fun, allows a wide range of exercises, and also looks chic. 

Resistance bands/expanders

Finding a rubber band in the top 4 of the best small fitness machines most would not have expected. But we are very clear fans of resistance bands, which are also called expanders. There are essentially three reasons for our enthusiasm: They are sometimes the best transportable fitness equipment we know, they allow a variety of exercises and stretches despite their simplicity and, thanks to their different strengths, and they allow us to meet increasing demands. In contrast to other equipment presented here, the belts do not work with linear force, but with increasing tension. This allows training to be regulated even more finely. In total:

  • Drawstrings can be taken anywhere
  • Light, inexpensive, drawer-sized
  • Every muscle group from the back to arms, stomach, and legs can be trained with it
  • Different variants allow the training to grow with the user 

Weight plate

In our opinion, weight plates are more than just weights. When used correctly, they allow you to perform a variety of exercises and thus do effective full-body training. Because weights are mostly made of iron, the fitness equipment is very small, stable, and focused on its essential function: to generate resistance. If you want to use a weight plate as a training device, it is important to ensure that the plate is a suitable weight for the range of planned exercises; or you buy three different weight classes and can vary the load for each exercise. 

The multi-functionality in both exercises and combination with other equipment (e.g. as a load for push-ups or as a weight for barbell bars) make the weight plate a piece of attractive equipment in the top 8. However, we recommend paying attention to it that the disc has handles, as it allows significantly more exercises than with a full disc. In summary, the advantages are:

  • Very space-saving and functional
  • Multifunctional use, from standalone to combination
  • Wide range of exercises possible
  • Iron value: hardly loses value if resale is necessary

Foldable weight bench

A weight bench is part of the standard equipment of every fitness studio and home gym. And with good reason: a stable surface that is set off the floor supports many exercises, especially in the dumbbell and barbell area. So if you want to train your chest and back efficiently, you will hardly be able to avoid a weight bench. Exercises such as dips can also be performed very nicely and easily on a weight bench. 

But doesn’t the size contradict our requirement that we are looking for small fitness equipment? A folding mechanism can help here: the weight bench can be folded up using bolts and stowed behind the door or in the cupboard like an iron. So it might not be the smallest fitness machine that we introduce here; but thanks to the high usability in strength training and the possibility of reducing the size when not in use, the foldable weight bench still makes it into our top 8. 

Fitness mat

Finding a yoga or fitness mat in this list may surprise some, after all, it is not a device in the true sense of the word. However, the mat meets many of our requirements: it is small, easy to stow away, and allows a variety of fitness exercises. A yoga mat is essential, especially in yoga, Pilates, or calisthenics. But also for simple stretching and warm-up exercises before or after a workout to prevent injuries, a suitable mat that protects both the user and the floor is of great value. Hence the place of honor for the fitness mat in this list – because it should not be missing in any sports-loving household. The many advantages are:

  • Cushioning of the floor, e.g. for floor or light jumping exercises
  • Insulation towards the floor
  • Non-slip
  • Gentle on the joints 


The Powerball makes use of rotation to create load on the hand, wrists, forearms, and sometimes the whole arm. Counteracting this gyroscopic momentum creates strain in the muscles, which explains the training effect. Yes – sounds a bit strange, but it has an effect, especially therapeutic and preventive. Tendons, muscles, and joints are trained and injuries or overloads are prevented by constant postures such as carpal tunnel syndrome or the so-called tennis elbow.