Ball games are not only great fun for children, but they also promote motor skills and responsiveness. And they motivate children to move like no other game. This is very important, especially in today’s sedentary world, softballs are therefore essential for a happy, healthy daycare and school life.

 No matter what the weather is softballs are suitable for indoors and outdoors. The softballs meet several criteria for a functioning and healthy coexistence, because they train, among other things:

  • the movement
  • the ball feeling
  • the team spirits
  • the communication
  • adherence to rules
  • the joy

Possible uses of the softballs in the daycare center

The morning circle is now a fixed ritual in almost every daycare center. It is also often used to give the children the opportunity to address problems or talk about their weekends. Everyone wants to be the first. With a softball, you determine the order playfully. If you throw the ball to a child, let them tell a story. When the child has said everything, it throws the ball at another child. If every child has had the ball once, the narration is over. A ritual that children not only love but also strengthens their feeling for the ball.

You can of course also use the softballs well in the exercise room, in the garden, or in the preschool group, in the form of eye dice. Young children also like to practice throwing and catching a ball. Use balls of different sizes for this. You can also set up an empty bucket and ask the children to throw their ball into it. If the ball misses or knocks over the bucket, it always creates a lot of laughs among the children and of course pride when the ball has reached its destination.

Throwing cans is also popular. You will need six tins for this. Three cans from the bottom row, place two more cans above, and place the last one at the top in the middle. Now the children throw small softballs at the cans. Each child has three litters free. Whoever manages to clear away all the cans is the new king of the ball.

Possible uses of the softballs in elementary school

In the new first class, the children first have to get to know and pull each other together. Nothing is better for this than ball games. The children first sit in a large group and each child who receives the ball can tell what it’s called, how old it is, and what it can already do. Then they can throw the ball to another child. In this way, the children get to know each other through play and lose a little of their fear of the new.

Soft foam cubes can also be used well in lessons. Many games loosen up physical education which also includes the game “stop ball”. For this purpose, all children stand in a circle. A previously selected child stands in the center of the circle with a softball. As soon as it throws the ball in the air, all the children run away. If the thrower has caught the ball again or picked it up again if it fell, he calls out “Stop”. Now all the children have to stop. The child in the middle is now trying to throw another child off with the softball. If this succeeds, the discarded child takes the place in the middle.

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Softballs are an indispensable part of kindergartens and schools. In addition to the low risk of injury, they have numerous other advantages. The children get the necessary exercise, enjoy learning, and are increasingly able to work in a team. The dexterity improves and the children can react much more quickly. In addition, softballs allow a gentle introduction to various ball sports, such as basketball or handball. A good investment in health and happiness.