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How to become a personal trainer for seniors?

How to become a personal trainer for seniors? Fitness is important for people of all ages. Studies show that even previously untrained people can double their muscle strength in a year through sport and exercise – even at 60. A comparison with younger people shows how this pays off: trained 60-year-olds have the same fitness […]

What is a hammer strength chest press?

hammer strength chest press

Good news: the Hammer Strength chest press that you heard whispered in the gym doesn’t actually have a hammer. Not even a little hammer.Do not worry; There is no actual hammering involved. However, it is an exercise machine because a Hammer Strength Press is a chest press that is performed on a strength machine, the Hammer Strength. You […]

Training with kicking a punching bag

Hitting a punching bag is a workout with secondary benefits. Not only does it benefit your legs, your abdominal, oblique, and lumbar muscles are also significantly activated by the dynamic nature of the blows. If you include a heavy sack in the equation, the stress level increases with the high-speed contact. The result is an […]

Best Weight Belts For Dips, Pull-Ups & Chin Ups

If you never used a dip belt, you’ll be surprised how much this essential piece of equipment can improve your workout. Weight belts are commonly used for triceps dips, chin-ups, and pull-ups, but they can also add resistance to a variety of other bodyweight exercises. Adding greater resistance to your workout, whether it’s by increasing the inclination […]