The Best Gymnastics Rings Exercises For Outdoor Fitness Training

Training on the gymnastics rings is so effective because it challenges the whole body and every single one of your muscles, if you combine the right exercises. Today we are going to show you the most popular gymnastics rings exercises for outdoor fitness.

What do you train with gymnastic rings?

Hanging, supporting, pulling up: with gymnastic rings, you can train your functional strength particularly effectively. The fact that the gymnastic rings hang on movable straps means that they are always unstable. Your body has to compensate for the wobbling and additionally stabilize it during the exercise. The ring training trains the entire upper body, back, and arms and increases your body control and core strength. 

How do you hang gymnastic rings?

Fitness gym rings are great training devices for indoors and outdoors. They’re lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space – so you can take them with you anywhere. All you need is an attachment point in the park or on the playground. Find a stable suspension, such as a pull-up bar, the bar of a climbing frame or your patio cover, a stable branch, or the like, and then the training can begin!

This is how you set up the outdoor gymnastics rings: 

  • Throw the belt over a rod, branch, beam, or the like.
  • Thread the belt into the ring.
  • You put the loose end in the belt buckle.
  • Attach the rings as high as you need them for your exercise.
  • Sets both rings to the same height.
  • Secure the buckle and roll up the protruding end.
  • Secure the end with the fastening tape.
  • Carefully test the load capacity and you’re done!

Here are 5 most popular gymnastics rings exercises:


Set the outdoor gymnastic rings to shoulder height. Go to the support. You take the rings close to your body. Puts the heels together and builds body tension. Only go so deep that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your shoulders at maximum ring level but not lower.

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This is a demanding exercise. We recommend that beginners keep their feet on the ground. Grasp the rings with your whole hand and bend your wrist forward. Pull up the rings and straighten your arms. Come up, pull the rings, then jump off and lean into the ring. As with the dip, it now goes down again in a controlled manner. Put your feet on the floor and crouch down. 


Goes into support. Bring the rings close to the body. Get your knees up. Beginners keep their legs bent. Advanced users extend one leg. Professionals can stretch both legs. And then: Hold!

Rowing exercises

This exercise is perfect as a preparation for pull-ups. Comes in as inclined a position as possible. Stand on your heels. Pull yourself up. Rotate your hands while doing this. Then it goes back to the starting position in a controlled manner.
Our tip: To increase, simply hang the rings lower. When you have adjusted the rings to hip height, it is important to make sure to lift your hips up, tense your stomach, and pull your shoulders towards your hips.


Now we are in the supreme discipline! Adjusts the rings so deep that they are just above the ground. Get into the push-up position. Arms are in a line under the shoulders. Firmly tightens your buttocks, stomach, and upper body. When going down, the hands rotate outward, when going up, the hands rotate forward. 
Tip: Breath out in the upward pressure movement.