The Faqs Of Compression Clothing

In the past, compression clothing was only known from hospital support stockings but for some years now, many sportswear manufacturers have also been producing compression clothing. The principle is the same: external pressure increases the blood supply. Initially started as a trend but today the positive effect of compression clothing can even be scientifically proven. Not only do they protect against the cold and are breathable, but scientific studies also show that compression clothing can increase performance activity. The word “can” is very important because it cannot be proven one hundred percent. What is clear, however, is that compression clothing reduces muscle vibrations, increases metabolic activity and accelerates regeneration. In the following blog post, we have put together some FAQs related to compression garments.

What does science say about the positive effect of compression clothes?

In the past, some studies have been carried out on the effects of compression garments in sports. One of them appeared in 2013 which proves that the subjects with compression clothing recover faster and break down lactate better. That means a shorter regeneration timeThere are also optimizations in the area of ​​energy metabolism. Overall, the study shows that, above all, the athletes’ endurance has improved.

What are the advantages of compression clothing in sports?

  • As a kind of “second skin”, compression garments reduce muscle vibration
  • Your muscles stay fit longer and fatigue is delayed
  • Muscle soreness is prevented because the micro-injuries to your muscles are reduced
  • Thrombosis is prevented because your blood doesn’t flow back to the heart as quickly. This means that oxygen is available to your muscles more quickly
  • Your regeneration progresses much faster because your metabolic activity is significantly increased

Who can wear compression clothing?

Everybody reacts differently. But if the positive effects of compression clothing on top athletes have been proven, why shouldn’t it work on amateur athletes? So, anyone interested in improving recovery and endurance can wear compression clothing.

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How do I find the right size for me?

Of course, wearing the right size is particularly important when it comes to compression clothing. It has to be as close to the body as a second skin. Only in this way can the clothing achieve its full effect and the desired effect occurs. Most manufacturers have size charts that you can use as a guide. For shirts, pants etc. you can usually order your normal size. It becomes more difficult if you want to find the right stocking size for you. There are also different size tables for this. Most are based on shoe size, gender and ankle and calf circumference. It is important that you measure these areas exactly. Once you have done that, all that matters is the comfort. The general rule is: you can only tell if you have found the right size in your compression clothing by trying it out.

How do I properly care for compression clothing?

Finally, one of the most important questions: what care does my compression clothing need? The good news is that it can be washed normally in the washing machine at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Thanks to their breathability, the clothing dries very quickly, so that no dryer is required But, you mustn’t dry them in direct sun. So, a simple wash is enough and your clothes smell fresh again.