What Criteria Should You Use To Buy New Handball Shoes?

Every handball player knows that this indoor sport is characterized by extreme speed and dynamism. For this reason, special indoor handball shoes for women, men, and of course for children are designed by selected sporting goods manufacturers. Handball shoes should generally be light, flexible, and hard-wearing and the breathable material should ensure comfort and a pleasant foot climate. Depending on the position you play in, there are other special characteristics, but much more important are the basic characteristics that you should focus on buying new handball shoes. In this blog post, we will clarify which ones they are.

The five most important properties of a handball shoe:


The top priority is of course the fit and therefore also the comfort. You have to feel comfortable; nothing should press, squeeze or disturb. On the one hand, this requires the correct shoe size and, on the other hand, the width of the shoe. Every manufacturer and every model has its own shoe width. If you tend to have narrow feet, you need different shoes than someone with wider feet. Find out exactly what the cut of each shoe is. Because a very good fit is not only a basic requirement for the other properties of a handball shoe but also necessary for you to be able to achieve maximum performance on the field.


The most important requirement for a handball shoe is grip. Handball is characterized by quick changes of direction and short and long sprints. These movements place extreme stress on the sole of the handball shoe. So, the grip is all the more important. You can only implement quick changes of direction and minimize the risk of injury if you feel enough grip on the hall floor.

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The very good grip results in the next property: stability. Your foot is only stable if you have a shoe with enough grip. Not only do you feel safer, but you also prevent injuries. Even with quick changes of direction, your foot must always remain in the correct position so that you do not risk any typical handball injuries, such as ligament tears.


With your new handball shoe, you should always pay attention to the cushioning. Well-cushioned shoes protect your joints and ligaments. Your joints and ligaments are particularly stressed when changing direction quickly and jumping. New handball shoes with good cushioning mean that you are comfortable to wear and at the same time minimize the risk of injury.

High durability

The last property is high durability. The parts of a handball shoe that are particularly stressed must have a reinforced material. Regardless of whether you move explosively forwards, backward, or, above all, sideways, your shoe must be able to withstand all movements.

When do you need to replace your handball shoes? 

Of course, that varies from player to player. The shoes wear out differently depending on the game behavior, training, and game volume. In general: If you have the feeling that grip, stability, and/or cushioning have decreased, you should urgently think about new handball shoes. At the latest when the sole is more or less worn, it is time to change your shoes. In this way, you prevent injuries and bring your personal best form onto the field.