What is a hammer strength chest press?

hammer strength chest press

Good news: the Hammer Strength chest press that you heard whispered in the gym doesn’t actually have a hammer. Not even a little hammer.
Do not worry; There is no actual hammering involved. However, it is an exercise machine because a Hammer Strength Press is a chest press that is performed on a strength machine, the Hammer Strength. You do it with the same movement as you would with a dumbbell chest press or a machine chest press – the machine itself does this exercise a little differently.

How it goes?

If you know the incline chest press or even the dumbbell bench press, a Hammer Strength chest press will get you more comfortable.
Start with your feet flat on the floor and flat on the sloped seat. Take a wide grip on the handles to focus on the outer chest or a tighter grip to work the inner chest more. Keeping your elbows pinned (not flared), lift the weight above your head until your elbows are slightly bent. Then return to the starting position and repeat the process.
Along with a few other chest day workouts, six sets of 10 repetitions on the Hammer Strength machine make for a balanced, pec-friendly workout.

Why would you do it?

Since you’re doing the same basic movement as a lever press, squeeze the chest muscles with a Hammer Strength press. They also deal with the triceps, anterior deltoids, and biceps, which makes this combination a very versatile addition to your upper body daily routine.
Like other machine presses, the Hammer Strength Chest Press targets the pectoral muscles.
In addition to the basics, the Hammer Strength machine sets this press apart from a standard chest press. Hammer’s machines use stacked weights rather than weighted plates, with basically a free weight associated with machine training.
Because they are plate based, Hammer Strength machines use leverage and drag in much the same way as weights, and they could even offer additional benefits in terms of muscle isolation and the same goal on both sides of the body:

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Is it hammer time?

Are you a Hammer Strength fan or do you prefer a good old-fashioned dumbbell chest press? Do you have a completely different preference? Hammer strength or not, machines can definitely make opinions fly in the gym😉