Which Sporting Activities Are Suitable for Children?

Which Sporting Activities Are Suitable for Children

A lack of exercise in children can not only lead to a lack of body awareness but also obesity and poor posture. To prevent this from happening, parents should lead by example, as there is a link between children’s sporting activities and their parents. Children of sporty parents are more active themselves, as they orientate themselves on the behavior of their parents.

Children learn basic social skills, especially when doing sports in a club or team sports – such as dealing with people of the same age and working together as well as mutual consideration and fairness. Acceptance for different ways of life is also given to them along the way. In addition, children learn to follow rules and deal with defeat. Especially in an individual sport in which the performance of each athlete counts, they learn to perceive themselves and to take on personal responsibility.

Regardless of which sport the decision is made for – whether team or individual sport – it is essential to ensure that the strain on muscles and ligaments during sport is not one-sided, as this can lead to long-term damage. When deciding on a sport, the child and his or her wishes should be in the foreground. If he does not enjoy a certain sport, he will have to be persuaded to exercise every time and quickly lose interest in exercise.

Given the large number of different sporting activities, many parents now wonder which sport is already suitable for their offspring. It should be noted here that the training differs in every sport in the youth and adult sector. The training is specially adapted to the little athletes, so that almost any sport can be practiced from childhood. Therefore, when making a decision, various factors such as the child’s abilities but also the values ​​and skills imparted should be taken into account.

In addition to the most well-known sports for children such as gymnastics, football or handball, many other sports are also suitable for children, but are not immediately associated.

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  • There is mini basketball for little athletes from the age of 7, which has been specially adapted for children. It is played with a smaller ball and playing field as well as with lower hanging baskets. Since basketball is a very fast-paced and dynamic sport, the children can also improve their coordination and stamina during training.
  • Another team sport that at first glance is not suspected in the youth sector is hockey. Children from the age of four can play hockey in the Bambini teams of the sports clubs. Here, among other things, they train their speed and dexterity.
  • Judo is also enjoying steadily increasing popularity. Even small athletes from the age of 5 can train strength and endurance here. In judo, values ​​such as respect and fairness are in the foreground and are already passed on to the young athletes.
  • Acrobatics is also great for children from the age of 5. Since the various exercises can be adapted to the children’s respective abilities, there is a low risk of injury.
  • For all girls and boys who enjoy speed, cycling is the perfect sport. Regardless of whether it’s artistic cycling, racing bikes or mountain bikes, the children’s balance and body coordination are improved here. They also train their endurance and muscles – especially in the legs. Since the training takes place mainly in a group, they receive additional motivation. To be able to guarantee safety, importance should be attached to various safety factors: A helmet that protects in the event of a fall and adequate lighting as well as reflectors on clothing and on the bike, itself are an absolute must.
  • Swimming is also very popular with young children. The advantage is that swimming is very easy on the joints and the entire body muscles are trained. Particularly in childhood, however, it should be ensured that the children do not specialize in a swimming style too early, as this can lead to poor posture.

Now you know a few other sports that are just as suitable for your youngsters in addition to the typical sports such as gymnastics, handball or football. No matter which sport you and your little athletes choose, the needs and abilities of the child should always be in the foreground. Then it is guaranteed that you will enjoy participating in the training.